Book Review: Windfall

Title: Windfall


Author: Jennifer E. Smith

Genre: Romance

I enjoyed reading this book a lot, it tells a story of a girl named Alice who fancies her best friend, Teddy. Their other friend is Alice’s cousin who she lives with -aswell as her Aunt and Uncle- after both her parents die thirteen months apart. For his eighteenth birthday Alice buys Teddy a lottery ticket as a joke. To their surprise, Teddy wins the jackpot, which he offers Alice half of, time and time again but each time she declines. Teddy doesn’t use the money well, he bought a brand new bright red car, useless gadgets, a holiday to Mexico for him and the whole basketball team. It has a unique plot line of a cliche romance.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦


Willow x


Why I’m Vegetarian

I am a vegetarian and have been for a long time and I understand that not everyone wants to be a vegetarian and that’s fine. My diet mainly consists of Quorn and it is DELICIOUS! So today I am sharing why I am vegetarian.

Number 1: One life for one meal

Doesn’t seem like a fair trade does it? The life of an innocent animal for one (or a few) meal(s). Why should we end their lives to eat, when there are plenty of other foods we can eat?

Number 2: The conditions they are kept in

Let’s use chickens as an example. Many fast food chains and shops don’t sell free range chicken. This means that instead of having a nice field to roam around, they are tightly packed together in a cage. As you can imagine, this isn’t a pleasant experience for them. I recently found out that chickens can be very agressive towards each other when packed tightly together and they peck each other. So are they moved into a nice big field? No, they cut the chicken’s beaks off.

Number 3: They have feelings too

Once the animals are sent to the slaughter house, they know what’s happening: death. They will scream and squeal but it doesn’t make a difference they still end up on someone’s plate.


So what can we do to change?

Check the label. Make sure you only buy free range meat and eggs.

I did find out though that many companies put the label free range and all it means is that they can go outside but most of the time the chickens don’t realise that they can go outside due to the small exit at one area of the ‘prison’.


If being vegetarian or vegan sounds to hard there are other options:

Pescetarianism: Only eating fish

Vegetarian or vegan for a month: It’s only for a 30 or 31 days (unless you do it for February) and it could help you to realise that you don’t want to eat animal products or atleast you didn’t eat animals for a month!

Cutting back: You could just eat less meat, maybe have meat free Monday or have a meat-free tea every other day.


Willow x

Wildlife Walk

Welcome to my blog and the start of my journey.

This is my first ever post of hopefully many. Each post will give an insight into my world. I am an introverted, creative, nature-loving high school girl and these traits will show through in my posts.


Today I went out for a walk along a river. All sorts of vegetation bordered the edge of the water. I saw the skeletons of dying hogweed and reeds which were growing high. One part of it was hard to walk across, it had a rocky path, slippery mud and twisted tree roots trying to trip you up. In the trees, there were different species of birds this included a grey wagtail and a few other unidentifiable small birds. I caught a quick glimpse of a bright blue kingfisher soaring above the meandering river. Above me, at times there was a railway bridge. Loud trains past on the bridge from time to time.


Willow x