Hey, my name is Willow Payge and welcome to my life…

I love video games, books, tv shows, photography, writing, movies, the list goes on but to put it in a simpler way: I’m nerdy. I may be nerdy but that does not mean I like school, in fact I, like most kids, hate school but possibly for other motives. I would rather just be home-schooled, as basic human interaction is my nightmare. Teachers don’t get that, of course and decide to ask you tons of questions purely because they can. I’m viewed as weird by my peers and don’t have many friends. I don’t get close to people very quickly and most people at my school know nothing about me and are surprised when I tell them that I like video games. Lots of people assume all sorts of things about me from the fact that I use a more sophisticated vocabulary than them- not me being arrogant but most of the popular people use words such as: ‘peng’. So I started this blog as a place where I won’t get judged, a place for all the people deemed as ‘weird’ or ‘strange’, a place to meet online friends because let’s be real online friends are so much easier to make. A place to let my inner voice roar and to give a voice to all that don’t feel confident enough to use their own voice, here I can say things I might be too afraid to say offline.

So if after all that text you want to follow me through life and we can help each other out, click the follow button and to get talking leave a comment on one of my posts.

Also as I briefly mentioned I like photography so if that interests you then here are some of my best photos:

Sweet StallThe BeachSquirrel