Book Review: Windfall

Title: Windfall


Author: Jennifer E. Smith

Genre: Romance

I enjoyed reading this book a lot, it tells a story of a girl named Alice who fancies her best friend, Teddy. Their other friend is Alice’s cousin who she lives with -aswell as her Aunt and Uncle- after both her parents die thirteen months apart. For his eighteenth birthday Alice buys Teddy a lottery ticket as a joke. To their surprise, Teddy wins the jackpot, which he offers Alice half of, time and time again but each time she declines. Teddy doesn’t use the money well, he bought a brand new bright red car, useless gadgets, a holiday to Mexico for him and the whole basketball team. It has a unique plot line of a cliche romance.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦


Willow x

Wildlife Walk

Welcome to my blog and the start of my journey.

This is my first ever post of hopefully many. Each post will give an insight into my world. I am an introverted, creative, nature-loving high school girl and these traits will show through in my posts.


Today I went out for a walk along a river. All sorts of vegetation bordered the edge of the water. I saw the skeletons of dying hogweed and reeds which were growing high. One part of it was hard to walk across, it had a rocky path, slippery mud and twisted tree roots trying to trip you up. In the trees, there were different species of birds this included a grey wagtail and a few other unidentifiable small birds. I caught a quick glimpse of a bright blue kingfisher soaring above the meandering river. Above me, at times there was a railway bridge. Loud trains past on the bridge from time to time.


Willow x